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I feel really nervous about standing in front of people.

I’ve been asked to talk about my company but don’t know where to start.

I’ve got lots of ideas about what to say but I’m not sure how to organise my talk.

These are some of the common concerns business people experience when faced with the prospect of delivering a presentation. Many people react by seeking out a training course. The kind that promises to teach you the “Seven Secrets of Genius Presenting” or ” How to Destroy the Beast of Fear in Public Speaking” or some such tosh.

These are usually enjoyable and very well organised events which have one major failing: after a week most participants will have lost what they have learned!

Our Presentation Coaching service takes a very different approach.

Firstly we only work with clients who have a genuine and current presentation project – we don’t do the theoretical stuff. This means that you are working with content and context that is real to you so it becomes much easier to make progress.

Secondly we insist on at least three sessions (usually about an hour) with an agreed time  – often a week – between them. This gives space to put into practice whatever aspects you need to focus on. Yes it’s a bit like homework but its all about reinforcing your learning.

Thirdly we usually work with you alone though if everyone’s OK about it we can work with small groups. We know – over 40 years of experience – that everyone’s needs are different when it comes to speaking in public.  One size does most certainly NOT fit all.

And fourthly we avoid jargon, psychobabble and dubious claims about neurosciences. We believe that everyone can present well and that the key to a good presentation is how we go about preparing for it.

You can get a sense of our style by  having a look at some of our mini videos.


Presentations The Planning

Presentations The Structure

Presentations Opening Words

Presentations Handling Questions

Presentations How to End Effectively

Presentations How to Practise

Good Presenting
Feel relaxed with your presentation skills with help from People Growth.






happy speaker
People Growth provides expert and positive feedback on your presentation skills.



I felt much more confident with my presentation skills.

Here’s what Dougie Briggs of M&S  Accountancy and Taxation had to say about us:

Part of my role within M&S Accountancy and Taxation LLP, is to meet clients, prepare client presentations and prepare and present training workshops for new or established business as well as staff development and training.

By reviewing these with my personal PEOPLE GROWTH adviser I was able to fine tune the subject matter, which ultimately benefited the clients and potential clients and recipients of the workshop presentations




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