Read some of the testimonials from a range of business people who have improved their public speaking skills with Public Speaking Scotland

“Thank you Eugene.

You helped turn a terrifying experience into a positive one and

I feel very proud of myself tonight.
Working with you helped enormously to tackle this gremlin of public speaking.

 I actually really enjoyed the whole process.”

Jenni Patterson  Patter PR


“Eugene gave me the confidence to get up in front of that room full of people.”

Sheila Matthew   MD Crosbie MatthewCrosbieMatthew

Satisfied Client
Satisfied Client







“As a former President of Fife Chamber of Commerce and MD of Fife Group,

 I had to do quite a bit of public speaking. I have used Eugene’s services to help me 

structure my speeches and to make the material sound more interesting.

I would therefore highly recommend using Public Speaking Scotland services, it is a small investment

 to make which is soon paid back many times over.”

Satisfied Client
Satisfied Client


John Kilgour

Managing Director

Fife Group (Scotland) Ltd









I used Eugene’s services to improve my own presentation skills and also

to review our company’s internal communication. It was a very useful exercise and in a short period of time

I improved my skills a lot and also we are in a much better place for our internal team communication.

David Shuster MD Managed IT Experts


Judith O’ Leary  MD Represent Comms (Previously O’Leary PR)

Eugene is more than a trainer, he adds a clarity to our delivery giving us the tools to delivery great presentations.

 Would highly recommend his work.

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