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FAQs: Answer to our most frequent questions about Public Speaking Scotland and speaking in public.

Our Charges
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Q.  How much does it cost to use your services?

All our charges are based on time and include all materials and a minimum of three months’ support after your final session.

Individual Basic Programme

This consist of a minimum of three separate sessions of approximately an hour, usually spread over a couple of weeks.

Investment: £297.00

Keynote Speech Review

This is where we take on the role of your listener and evaluate an already prepared talk/speech/conference address etc before the final delivery. It is carried out during one single session of up to 90 minutes

  Investment: £125.00

Small Group Rates

This is working with a group of between 2-8 colleagues for minimum of three separate sessions of approximately an hour, usually spread over a couple of weeks.

Investment: £297 + £50 for the second and subsequent member.

Corporate Rate

This is for larger businesses who wish to provide regular monthly support for their staff. An agreed amount of time (minimum 0.5 of a day) would be made available to support any communication activity for up to a maximum of 8 colleagues at a time.

Investment: from £550 per day. Minimum term six months.

Q.  I’m terrified at the thought of standing up and speaking in front of others. What can you suggest to help?

A.  First of all remember that most people have felt the same. Our fear comes from doing something that is not normal for us and so the solution lies in making

Headshot of a frightened looking proefessional young woman. asking questions
Help! I don’t know where to start.

it something that we can see as normal. Most of us do not normally speak while we are standing and our listenmers are seated. So one simple thing to practise  is just that. Get your friends/family/colleagues to sit around while you stand up and speak to them. It’s amazing how quickly you’ll get used to it. For more detailed help click on 5 Tips to Deal with Nerves





Q.  I’ve been asked to do a presentation and I’ve no idea where to start. A week’s passed and I’m no further forward!

image of discarded leaves from a calendar showing questions
Suddenly a week has gone by!


A.  Staring at that blank screen or piece of paper gets you nowhere. use this  InitialWorksheet to start things off. You’ll see it asks you to jot down your thoughts about the key elements you have to think about before starting your presentation. Once you know what your PURPOSE is and you have clarified what you know about your AUDIENCE you’ll then be able to start on your content.