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Time to Update Communication?

How Dated is Your Business’s Approach to Communication?

Does your current approach to communication:

reduce staff turnover – think of the cost of replacing staff. Currently it can cost up to 1.5 times annual salary to do so.

reduce sickness leave –  poor communication leads to stress which in turn can mean you lose the services of vital colleagues

improve employee engagement – engaged employees give more to the business

increase profitability – good communication and engagement levels are reflected in better performance

reduce costs – 15 employees each reducing the time spent in meetings by one hour per week is the equivalent of 24 more staff

Many businesses want to improve communication but are unable to do so. This may because they lack the time or skills to do so but it may also be because they assume nothing can be done!

There is a three stage process that is guaranteed to imoprove communcation systems and skills throughout any business. Whether it’s ensuring your managers can run meetings well or know how to listen on a 1-1 basis; or everyone feels able to contribute ideas for the success of the business; or checking out how well your internal systems work, we can help.

No business would allow its financial data or systems to go unchecked and yet how many leaders actively evaluate their communication? And of course if communication doesn’t work that little else will. The days of “command and control” should be long gone because we now know how impotant employee engagement is.

Read the THREE STEPS BELOW to learn how you can make your business better.

The Three Steps