We create confident speakers.

Faciltator leading group session
Helping a group of ACCA Global members with confident presentations Dundee 2017

Out of Your Comfort Zone?

If you don’t know where to begin, Public Speaking Scotland exists specifically to help business professionals deliver confident presentations especially when speaking out of your comfort zone. And it’s not just presentations, it’s any kind of business speaking situation you’d like some help with.

There’s No Magic Secret

We believe that everyone is capable of delivering an effective presentation, conducting a good 1-1 appraisal, managing a meeting, encouraging a team discussion and so on

The negative feelings that individuals often have about doing this kind of thing largely come from not knowing how to prepare. We help our clients create a model of preparation that is repeatable and that allows everyone to apply it to any speaking situation you may find yourself in.

The model itself is straightforward and jargon and mumbo-jumbo free


  1. We focus on you the individual. We know that every client has different needs and that’s why the one approach for all that is characteristic of the one day workshop doesn’t really work. We spend time with you to establish clearly what your individual issues are.
    Seated tutor with questioning look.
    What are the key questions to ensure  a confident.presentation?
  2. We use your own context so that the topic or subject matter is of direct relevance to you. We insist that any client works with material and/or situations that are real to their own work situation. This is in contrast to the public group workshop where everything is theoretical.
  3. We deliver our sessions over time. Typically three+ sessions with a week or more between each. We know that changing how we feel about speaking takes time and practice that simply can’t be done in a one day session.

Contact us on 0779 088 1760 or email support@publicspeakingscotland.co.uk